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Games of golf have been won and lost over the links at Panmure for a very long time. In 1527, it was reported in the Registrum de Panmure that Sir Robert Maule “exerciset the gowf, and oftymes past to Barry lynkes, quan the wadsie was for drink’’

We are one of the oldest golf clubs in the world, dating back to 1845 and are one of the 24 clubs that originally helped purchase the Amateur Championship trophy first played for in 1885.

The Panmure links has been recognised several times over the years with many significant competitions being staged at the course including national amateur tournaments as well as final qualifying for the Open Championship. In 2019 we were delighted to host regional qualifying for the Open Championship and the R&A Girls Amateur Championship.

Harry Vardon, Ted Rae, James Braid, Tommy Armour, Henry Cotton, Roberto de Vicenzo, Sandy Lyle and Padraig Harrington are just some of the past Open Champions to have competed in earnest over our links. Others like Gary Player, Nick Faldo and Dustin Johnston have visited and simply played for fun.

We are very proud of our rich heritage, please click on the history page for further information on the Club's beginnings along with the great Ben Hogans time at Panmure.