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Become a Member

Panmure accepts submissions for membership throughout the year either by recommendation from current members or through an application and informal interview process.

At present, our membership is full but we are adding interested parties to a waiting list.

To commence the application process please submit a completed application form to the Club office. Membership application forms are available from the office or to download at the bottom of the page.

On receipt, an informal meeting will be arranged with our Captain or Captain Elect and a summary of your application is then posted on the main noticeboard for a period of two weeks.

Following this process, successful applications will be confirmed in writing.

A1 - Full
F1 - 6 Day
B0 - 18 to 20 year old
B1 - 21 to 24 year old
B2 - 25 to 29 year old
B3 - 30 to 34 year old
C1 - Country
C2 - Armed Forces
I2 - International
K1 - Clubhouse non playing
X1 - Student
G1 - Junior

For your information, country members are required to live a minimum of 50 miles from the clubhouse.

The international membership is open to anyone living overseas who does not spend more than 90 days in the United Kingdom.

Our membership brochure, which can be downloaded below includes some general Club information along with the subscription rates and categories for the 2023 season.