Club Rules and Dress Code

Panmure Golf Club believes in upholding the traditions of golf, its values and heritage and therefore we kindly request that all members, guests and visitors observe the Club rules and expected standards of dress.

It is the ongoing responsibility of all members to comply with the detail and the spirit of the rules and to ensure that all other members, guests, and visitors do likewise.

On the Course / Practice ground

• Golf shirts must have collars, turtle or polo necks. Shirts must be tucked into trousers.
• Trousers and shorts should be tailored and appropriate for golf.
• All recognized golfing headwear is acceptable but caps with a peak must be worn with the peak at the front.
• Spikes or rubber soled golf shoes can be worn throughout the course and clubhouse area. Metal spiked shoes and hats may be worn to and from the Locker Rooms but are not permitted in other areas of the Clubhouse.
• NOT PERMITTED are collarless shirts, t-shirts, football shirts and any shirts carrying slogans, numbers or illustrations that are not golf related, trainers, blue demin, paramilitary or camouflage style trousers, cargo pants and cut offs.

In The Clubhouse *

19th Hole
The 19th Hole is effectively an extension of the Golf Course, and The Board extends a warm welcome to all golfers, but would respectively request that all headgear is removed.

Hogan Lounge
Smart casual golf wear must be worn as a minimum in the Hogan Lounge, and more specifically shorts and waterproofs are not permitted. The Board reserve the right to specify that more formal dress, i.e. jacket and tie, be worn in the Hogan Lounge for Club representative matches, or Social Events.

Dalhousie Room
Jacket and Tie must be worn by Gentlemen at all times, and commensurate non-golfing attire to be worn by Ladies.

Electronic Devices / Mobile Phones *

Please switch off on all parts of the golf course including the practice area and 1st tee. Electronic devices and mobile phones must be switched to silent mode throughout the clubhouse. Phone calls can be made from the locker rooms.

Any exemptions to the above must be approved in advance. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated as we would prefer to avoid any type of embarrassing situation.